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9 February 2012

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Waiting with friends to get into a concert? Notice an awkward silence at your family reunion? Just want an excuse to show off your iPhone at a party, but others consider that taboo? Word Race will get your friends and family laughing and having fun in no time! With just one iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, play with up to 20 people around you. How can you get your team to say ninja without using any of the forbidden words: Japan, warrior, stealth, turtles or shinobi? The amusing way you and your friends will have to describe these words will lead to hours of fun. We’re sure you’ll like it, so this app is free with 42 sample words. When you’ve seen for yourself how much fun it is, we welcome you to buy our general pack of 500 words or our theme packs: Geography, Movies and more to come. They each have 200 words to keep the fun going. Never suffer a dull group moment again! This game can be played in English, Esperanto and German, so it’s also a great way to improve your foreign language skills.


There was an iPhone game, which Chuck used to play a lot with friends, which worked in a similar way to Word Race. Then, we asked if we could translate the game into German and never heard back. Afterwards, we had the idea that we could probably make an even better game, so we did that and also added Esperanto cards. Since its release, parties have sprouted up all over the world to duel with words against their friends.


  • Multiplayer party on just one iPhone or iPad
  • 500 general words
  • 2 theme packs: geography and movies (200 words each)
  • 5 forbidden words per card
  • English, Esperanto, German


There are currently no trailers available for Word Race. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (2MB)


Selected Articles

  • "We played this game with our kids as a substitute for Taboo and the whole family loved it! We even played in two languages! This will be perfect for when we have guests from abroad!"
    - Alexandre Coutu,

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Developer Interview
Word Race: first Esperanto game for iPhone at transparent.com.

About Ludisto

We are Ludisto. We make delightful games for tablets, smartphones, and microconsoles. Founded by Esperanto pioneer Chuck Smith and active members of the Berlin and global indie game scene, Ludisto combines Berlin’s iconoclastic streak with creative talents from around the world. Our games have been spotlighted on iOS and OUYA.

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Word Race Credits

Chuck Smith

Tanja Borzel
Graphic Designer

Jesse Alter
System Admin

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